KaraokeWorld is a website for kj's and dj's to get together on the irc network. The Application is free for download.
You have agreed to the disclaimer. Please use this page to download the Application.
Before you setup this program please make sure the karaoke songs you have are zipped together. This means in one zip you will have an MP3 and a CDG that is zipped together to make one file.
If the song is called SC2345-10 for example, then please call this new zip SC2345-10. All the zips should be placed in different folders. What you need to do is this. First make a folder called KARAOKE. If you have Sound Choice karaoke files then make a folder called SOUND CHOICE. then inside that folder make extra folders and name them by the disc number like SC2345 SC2346 SC2347 and so on. For the folder SC2345 put all the ZIPPED songs that correspond to that disc number into that folder. The exact same for any other disc like SUNFLY make a SUNFLY folder and inside make folders called SF01 etc and fill them with the zips that belong there. This enables the EZ-SEARCH mechanism inside this program able to find the desired song much faster and best of all its easier for users to find songs in your library. That is basically what you are doing, creating a library that is universally used throughout all EZ scripts.
Sharing the MP3 and the CDG seperately makes it harder to locate songs because they are named exatly the same as each other and means that the search system OR the user is having to locate the song twice and causes the program to run slower, no matter how good your machine is. This is NOT a bug!! This is the universal way to make a library of karaoke or any other file.